A unique and tasty spin on rusty trombone, the double dutch rusty rudder has officially happened once a girl eats your asshole while simultaneously giving you a reach around. However, your hand is on her arm guiding the pace of the HJ. Personally, I like getting double dutch rusty rudders while listening to Santana's Oye Como Va. The whole experience is very hispanic for me. Mostly because I like to eat churros while I receive them.
The last time Lonny Baxter received a proper Double Dutch Rusty Rudder, he was watching Perfect Strangers picturing Balky behind him.
by Andy Roddick's a Dickbag September 12, 2011
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When your friend is doing someone Doggy style and you stand behind them naked and move their hips.
Man me and jimmy behind the scenes Dutch rudders her and she had no clue
by Mike Oxtasty May 1, 2020
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When someone (friend, stranger, homeless person, whoever) is either unconscious or deceased and you grab their hand, wrap their fingers around your erect penis and manipulate their elbow into moving their arm to jerk you off.
“Yo, my buddy was passed out in basically a diabetic coma, so before I called 911 I used him to give me a dead man’s hand Dutch rudder. I even finished right before the paramedics got there. I told them the jizz on his face was just frosting from all the Cinnabon and sodies he ate. They bought it!”
by The Gaudy Ginger February 10, 2021
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A dutch rudder has someone working the arm of your hand your spanking it with, difference is, the wireless version has the person on the other end of the phone is "talking you through it" instead of actually physically being there to do it with you.
Hey bro, 'ol girl worked me over with the wireless dutch rudder last night while we were texting, just as good as the physical version!
by K1974 February 3, 2018
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The act of sitting on ur hand till it goes numb while putting ur hand on another mans dick while he moves ur arm in a circular motion
Hey tony u wanna try a Dutch rudder stranger
by Hghghgfgfgs January 17, 2021
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