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How douchebags spell douchebags.
Dbag: How many dushbags do I see here.
Guy: Ur the douchebag you don't know how to spell douchebag.
by Urbanned September 08, 2015
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dudes, its spelled douche. get a fucking dictionary.
I used a Douche bag. I have no clue what a fucking dushbag is.
by ben February 10, 2004
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When morons who can't spell try to say douche bag, they say dush bag. Although, ironically, these people could, properly, be called dush bags. The term dush bag is most commonly used in eastern Connecticut, by intermediate school children who were raised poorly by illiterate parents. Often said by little hyper brats with lisps.
Moron: Like, omagod, you are SUCH a dush bag.

Man: What the hell is a dush bag? Do you mean douche bag? You're such a dush bag.
by RayBan February 16, 2004
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Incorrect spelling of "douchebag" used by Roger Clemens in an email written to Brian McNamee.
"It directed at the dushbag writing the story..." sic
by SteelCitySuck April 02, 2009
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