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A little slut who does not deserve the wonder that is Paul McCartney. See: peg leg.
"I killed Heather Mills. I am now Lexie McCartney and I don't have to worry about her and her fake leg getting in the way."
by Lexie February 10, 2004
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NEAT nickname for Alyssa... used in campaignes, and the inspiration for Ulissy Town. A thing short for ulissy would be tata.
for campaignes, since alyssa doesnt rhyme with anything you say "vote for ulissy, or she'll be pissy!" another example is "Ulissy do you wanna hang out today?"
by Lexie December 26, 2003
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1)From a Bostonian origin. Used by people brought up in or around Boston to express intense admiration for something.
2)A word us Bostonians use so our out-of-town friends can make fun of us.
Oh my god, thats wicked, f-in' awesome!
by Lexie November 16, 2003
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a male who is pompous, cocky, or a jerk
Justin is such a dushbag
by Lexie October 13, 2003
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Making random noises/sounds/words...usualy out of one's own will.
Woof! Ahdlghalsdfng! I like shoes! happy birthday aunt lindsay!
by Lexie December 13, 2003
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