The state of inebriation to which you have to go to the hospital and get your stomach pumped and no one feels sorry for you due to your ridiculous level of douchebaggery.
Dude I got dunlapped last night
I've had a shitty week so I'm totally getting dunlapped this weekend.
by Pi Klappa Phi September 29, 2009
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When the belly of an individual "dunlaps" over their belt/waistline.
Suzie had a great set of tubes, but her dunlap ruined everything.
by Stevie Y August 20, 2005
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When the fat or extra weight of a girls body laps over her jeans
by xxxxxJ0shxxxx November 18, 2005
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Dude I'm trying to eat. Stop dunlapping.
by Dunlap12345 June 11, 2009
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Noun: (DuN-laping)
The act of trying to change the subject or make an obnoxious noise to divert negative attention towards them.
Mike was really Dunlaping yesterday when someone made fun of his moped.
by SuperInternet Hero July 23, 2011
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Describes when someone's belly "dunlapped" over their belt or waistline.
I don't mind my girls a lil thick, but old girl got that dunlap now.
by Boricua Booty April 29, 2008
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A gut that is so large it hangs over the belt/waist.
That chick is so fat her stomach dunlap over her pussy.
by slicksal November 20, 2006
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