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When your balls dunk into the toilet when you sit down to take a crap.
Wife: Why are your balls wet?

Husband: My balls dangle so much that they hit the toilet water when I sit down to take a crap.

Wife: Oh, what cute dunkers.
by FlipShitz March 27, 2009
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a persons booty or ass; a dunka dunk dunk in the trunk
Lisa has a fine dunker. Fran likes to bend over and show off her bootylicious dunker.
by Tiffany January 13, 2004
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a game played by a group of adolescent males. The game consists of one male at a time firmly grabbing another's package so that the pain is not excruciating just very uncomfortable for a few seconds. Hits, kicks, slaps and projectiles are often used in the game but then it becomes Dodge-ball, anything that provokes testicular/ penal pain is allowed. The only rule is to say Dunkers before grabbing someones junk and to accept that once you have, they will most likely get you back at some stage soon.
C.D: Skunk do u like Dairylea?
Skunk: It's alright..
C.D What about dunkers? *grabs Skunk's nuts*
by Captain Dale October 08, 2008
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