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A term for mental illnesses affecting the frontal lobe of the brain first diagnosed in 1921. It means that whenever you enter #meme you lose all logistical thought and start being a complete idiot. There is also the new term WHITE DUNGO first diagnosed in 2015, which is a more extreme term of the illness.
A: "does anyone think the new content is kind of bland?"
B: "No. Nobody thinks that you stupid dungo.
by Statical May 15, 2018
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1.) A person that is commonly thought of as tardy, special, or slow in the head. Basically, an overall dweeb. It's a term popularly used to dis on someone to their face without them knowing the meaning. It is also commonly shouted at someone that's saying or doing something derp-ish, wrong, or different.

2.) May also refer to a place or an object that is boring or highly uninteresting.
"Did you hear that Cleatus pissed on an electric fence?"
"Yeah, he's a serious dungo!"
You drive by a fat kid walking a bike instead of riding it, so you roll down the window and yell "dungo!!!"
by D-Mel24 May 13, 2017
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"Here comes Richard David, and i think he's wearing his dungo undies again"
by Tony Marsh January 23, 2004
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