The prisoners that are imprisoned under the castle.
The Dungeon Family may be down but we looking up.
by Lord Of the Rings. April 23, 2018
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A great server with 0 cheaters and no racism. General chat mains such as bizism and Nirvz are very annoying however there are cool members such as Poeff (poffie) and 0123dtal. To be a true dungeon ganger you must follow rule 7, say n word every day and hate fekzy #FCONBOTTOM #AHMOSIAC
Hey, see that dungeon gang user over there, what a shitter doing secrets before clear!
by encoded_ July 28, 2021
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Dungeon roombas is a term for D&D "Gelatinous Cubes" - Experts at cleaning dungeons, leaving nothing behind.
After being coined by "Ezekiel" in 2022 - several scenarios with dungeon roombas has been created.
Dungeon roombas clean dungeons, in fact - they clean them so well that even its denizens are sometimes... vanished!
by RamboMs March 2, 2023
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The curly hair growing abnormally from the edges of one's circular head, as circular heads form only on goblins.
It is the successor of a Dungeon Tan, found only on extreme-ass gamers.
Bill ( partying, outdoor person): Yo, Ahmed, wanna head on out for some beer? That cute girl on the seventh floor is going :)
Ahmed (goblin):*crunching down with the worst posture*

*whispers in a purry voice*

N-no t-thankks... I..I j-just h-have t-to get t-his k-killst-trea-

*gets killed by some camper*


Bill: What evs, no one likes a fag with a Dungeon Do.
by Lika_CUMSHOT June 22, 2011
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a man who lives in his parents basement and doesn't go to work, school or outside at all.

2nd definition: a fat ass dungeons and dragons player.
Anthony is half a dungeon dweller
by iltkgfr December 19, 2022
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The female equivalent of a fap dungeon. A woman creature crawls inside her cave to masturbate to her heart's content
"Someone see Ashley? I haven't seen her all day but her door is locked...."

"Yeah she's in her wap dungeon after watching the latest Bachelor episode"
by Karab okama January 7, 2021
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A Dungeon Synth artist who has never bothered to learn theory, barely knows what chords are and mostly plays white keys. Barely a musician and almost always self taught, the Dungeon Chad trips and stumbles their way into accidental melodies. Chads often release their music on cassette in small quantities for audiences that are just as small. Expect any merch you order from these folk to reek of marijuana and possibly be covered in cat hair. Dungeon Chad has no interest in furthering the genre, choosing instead to clog up the place with intentionally obscure and unnecessary demos and EP’s that distract the audience from any decent music coming out.
This dude is such a Dungeon Chad, you can tell he is just noodling around on a Casio with some rain sample playing behind it. Awesome.
by mikeysnacks July 25, 2022
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