the pale skin of a person who plays to much Xbox and doesn't get any sunlight.
yo tim hasn't come out in days.

yer he's playing Xbox working on his Dungeon Tan.
by BADDAZONER December 3, 2010
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To have tanned a place where it shouldn't be tanned. Having tanned your ballsack.
Oops! I left my ballsack out on the window sill and got a dungeon tan.
by Angeles0505 December 20, 2014
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Originally used to describe the pallor which developed amongst inveterate D&D players, it widened to include denizens of any stripe who resided in the basement of their parents. Most recently it is used to describe the complexion of any video game addict.
1978: His dungeon tan is proof enough that he is an indestructible wizard.
1998: "Yo, ghost boy ! Nice dungeon tan. I see that you gave up POGs for Magic Cards !"
2008: PlayStation and Xbox gave him the dungeon tan. But at least Wii gives him some muscle tone.
by FichenDich December 5, 2010
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The skin type of a person of which is really pale and who seems to be playing Xbox or Playstation constantly without receiving sunlight.
Tom: "OMG, have you seen Tim lately?"

Dave: "No, he's probably in a basement playing Xbox and getting a dungeon tan."
by HesAnonymous December 6, 2010
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See. *Dungeon Tan*

Extreme Tanning or yellowing of the skin often due to staying inside, Playing xbox usually MW2. Often mistaken for being Chinese.
Mark has been inside all year off school adding to his 45days on his Modern warfare 2 playing time. (MW2)

FreeStyleZ Dungeon Tan Aka Aqua FZ Tan

Dildo Obsessive Man.
by M00P: May 24, 2011
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