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I read "Dula Peep" on a BuzzFeed quiz earlier and did some research. Apparently Wendy Williams was talking about famous singer Dua Lipa and mispronounced her name and it's kind of funny. Can also be found written "Doola Peep".
okay...what do you think about Dula Peep?
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by idkamber November 28, 2018
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Dula Peep is a mispronunciation of famous pop singer's name, Dua Lipa, said by Wendy Williams, host of her talk show, the Wendy Williams Show. She mad this mistake in 2018 during a red carpet recap on her show. Wendy has constantly said it incorrectly and fans have begun using jokingly. It can also be spelled "Doola Peep".
"Guys, did you hear Dula Peep's new song?"
"You mean Dua Lipa?"
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by thatsonearthdipshit April 24, 2021
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I saw Cassius and Kennedy walk into the all gender bathroom together and walk out 6 minutes later ... pulling a dula peep at school is so trashy!
by bagel bitch October 05, 2018
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The new nickname for Dua Lipa: the singer with very nice tits.
Dude have you heard the new Dula Peep song?
No I don’t like her singing but I like her body.
by Biden is a dick April 19, 2021
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