(verb) to completely ignore people's IM's and make up bs stories the next day when inquired. People are especially duked when the person is:

1. doing acadec work
2. catching 'em all.
3. staring at his physics book with passion
4. frustrated from not being able to catch magikarp
5. reading the latest reviews on the newest pokemon game
6. memorizing all 151 original pokemon names
cool duck
victim of duke-hey, why didn't you respond to my IMs last night?
duke-r-oh, uh, I was afk catching charmander.
victim-you already caught him on Diamond, dude
duke-r-yeah, but not on Fire Red....
by number1coolduckfan May 11, 2010
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derived from the Latin dux, meaning "a leader;" Arabic, "a sheik." This word is
used to denote the phylarch or chief of a tribe, man of the highest grade of the peerage in Great Britain.
Duke is da highest paid clothng designer in da world with da clothing line paasion
by dukesta March 29, 2005
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Duke: an irish word for to go somewhere
Colm, "hey lads are ye gona duke into coppers later?"
by Ledgend101 May 10, 2011
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A multiuse, versatile word just like "fuck". Its meaning is contextual and also up to interpretation. Some claim that it represents the main character in the game by 3D realms, Duke Nukem. Basically just do anything like Duke Nukem would.
1. Just Duke It!
2. I duked that guy right in the face.
3. Duke it out.
4. I'd duke her.
5. I pulled a duke in there.
by Beatcow July 07, 2006
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Daisy duke shorts worn by men in an athletic or non athletic nature. Usually worn by men name "bill" who may or may not harbour an unnatural fear of snakes.
I put my Dukes on today when I went for a run and kept them on at the office underneath my pants
by optigirl October 16, 2010
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