To fight, usually fist fight. Probably from John 'the Duke' Wayne movies where he would always end up fighting with someone.
You want to teach him a lesson, duke it out.
by BobLoblaws October 13, 2006
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To pay your opponent twelve million pounds
Prince Andrew was going to plead his innocence in court but decided to Duke It Out with Virginia Giuffre instead
by MageTitan February 16, 2022
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boy1: hey were where you last night at the party?
boy2: i had to duke it out.
boy1: oh.
by thunder_storm996 July 11, 2008
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1. (verb) To fight, especially with your fists.

2. (noun) A fight.
1. "Let's duke it out, freshwater trout!" (as seen on

2. "Who will be crowned king in the dirtiest duke out of them all?" (Cathy Rogers in Full Metal Challenge Ep.6)
by wesluger November 24, 2010
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When an individual exudes extreme amounts of machismo in situations which clearly do not call for it, often to the great frustration of those in the immediate vicinity.
Ben was duking out so bad I wanted to attack him.
by Rutherford B. Fellows April 21, 2009
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Duking it out white boy style is where, in a multiplayer game like Minecraft or Ashes Town, many players swarm an emeny, all battling it together.
A synonym for this term might be dol-fishing (like how dolphins catch fish by surrounding it and swimming all around it).
Play1examp: What is the crew doing?!
Playexamp2: Oh, they're just duking it out white boy style, as normal.
*camera zooms out to reveal 5 people battling the Wither in Minecraft*
by Diowbs November 13, 2022
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when a female with large breasts is going out for a jog wearing only a sports bra, her funbags bounce about uncontrollably.
Person 1 : "damn, check out those funbages."
Person 2 : "yeah, it looks like to badgers duking it out in a burlap sack!"
by Barnaby Jones December 21, 2004
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