7 definitions by Barnaby Jones

when a female with large breasts is going out for a jog wearing only a sports bra, her funbags bounce about uncontrollably.
Person 1 : "damn, check out those funbages."
Person 2 : "yeah, it looks like to badgers duking it out in a burlap sack!"
by Barnaby Jones December 21, 2004
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the act of a male going jackhammer on a female (when having sex missionary very fast like a 'jackhammer'), then, as soon as the orgasm seems to be present, pull the dick out from the vagina and ejaculate into one's hand and slap the bitch across the face, creating a "cumslap." however, this is considered a "paul bunyan flapjack" when it is jackhammer sex followed by a cumslap to the face.
person 1: "dude, do you remember chickie?"
person 2: "you mean that cum guzzling gutter slut that always shows up at the long trail tavern?
person 1: "yeah, i actually had sex with that slam pig, and i gave her the PAUL BUNYAN FLAPJACK!!!!"
person 2: "nice"
by Barnaby Jones October 20, 2007
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The old musky stench usually attributed to an older smellier relative (grandmother), often times smelling of stale cigarettes, cat urine, and senior citizen body odor.
after the bingo hall was closing up, when dorthy sat up an strong stench of old bad had emerged from her chair, it was the most vile thing that my nostrals have ever witnessed...
by Barnaby Jones April 12, 2006
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the act of a man cumming in a womens ass, then the women farts all of the spunk into anothers mouth followed by a large sloppy crap that looks kinda like a flavor of Alpo.
"i was surfing the internet the other day and then i saw these people cholging and i shit my pants."
by Barnaby Jones December 21, 2004
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have you ever been at school and as you walk around, sometimes there will be a bake sale, but oh, what's this? all of the people are retarded!? what the fuck is up with that shit! there is no way those fucking tards can cook. hence, they are not retards, they are bake sales.
by Barnaby Jones December 21, 2004
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the act of one placing their mouth snugly around anothers anus as while deeply inhaling an unforgiving blast of tastey flatulence
"susie was being a total bitch so i forced her to take a rip off of the mexican bong."
"oh gregory, i love sucking on your ass and breathing in your delicious bodily pollution."
by Barnaby Jones December 21, 2004
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