To fight against gay rights in the name of morals and values while you're molesting young children, including your siblings. Used to refer to the scandal involving Josh Duggar, a member of the famous "19 Kids and Counting" family. He fondled young girls, including four of his sisters, when he was a teenager.
Pastor Jones preached against the evils of gay people, until his childhood Duggaring with his little brother was revealed.
by telenovfan May 23, 2015
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Committing a criminal act then quietly riding out the statute of limitations to avoid prosecution.
Josh got away with his molestation of five girls by duggaring.
by Michael-SC June 28, 2015
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the act of loudly crying and pointing to others for "sins" (homosexuality, trans, etc) while personally committing moral atrocities yourself (pedophilia, covering up pedophilia or defending it, animal cruelty, etc).
Sean Toon was Duggaring kids at a pool in Mckinney, Texas.
by Lady Chuck June 11, 2015
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To sexually molest your siblings and cover it up for over a decade.
Josh was late to church because he hadn't finished his morning duggaring.
by micksterino May 23, 2015
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Verb, infinitive:

Includes all manner of perversion and hypocrisy while lying out of one's ass the whole time.
Hey, you told your beau you had food poisoning while you went to a party and got laid? You keep on duggaring!
by OnceFundieFly August 20, 2015
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To engage in pedophilia while at the same time claiming gay and transgender individuals are the ones posing a risk to children.
Say Josh, what in the duggaring hell are you doing with your sister(s)?
by Terrordactyl May 22, 2015
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1) To confront a task by doing the absolute bare minimum required.

2) To be assigned equal amounts of work and complain that your are overwhelmed and being dumped on by your coworkers.

3) To arrive at work at 8AM and have your feet firmly placed on your desk, earphones on head and movies playing on your computer by 930AM.
1) I had a ton of work to do so I just duggarized the last five assignments.

2) Why is he complaining? Why doesn't he just duggarize it and go to lunch early?

3) I thought it was going to be a bad day but I was duggarized by 9:30.
by Dom Viol December 30, 2011
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