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Very frequent using of 'dude'
- Hey dude! How is it going dude?
- For goodness sake, stop duding all the time
by mrttrml August 24, 2011
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The act of giving unwanted attention to and interest in someone. Most often committed by young to middle aged men (dudes) and directed towards local or regional celebrites (often bands or musicians). Similar to the attention given by groupies, but without sexual intentions. Duding topics most commonly include: how good the band is, how the dude plays in or knows someone who plays in a band, how the dude roadied for Molly Hatchet in the 70's or requesting songs that the band has no desire to play. Duding is fueled by the lack of security and audience separation at smaller music venues, as well as a band's hesitation to be rude to fans.
As soon as the band finished their set and left the stage, the duding began.
by obneopeehon June 16, 2010
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