A polite way of asking a duck to leave you alone.
Duck off! I haven't got any bread left.
by Pennycook November 21, 2004
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A duck off is a girl/boy who is used for forms of sex in private but is rejected in public.

Some may be considered 'sluts' while others are average girls. Only about half of them actually know that they are duck offs.
Sam:She's beautiful, are they dating?

Jordan: No way, she's just his duck off.

Sam: Well I can't say much, I've been the duck off before.

Jordan: Me too girl.
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To be on the low, never around, always gone; incognito. Originated in South Florida.
Dang nigga, u never come to school anymore! Why u be so ducked off?
by LDT88_07 March 21, 2007
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Similar to fuck off, you can tell them to go away angrily and ask them to duck off. I don't know the entire definition, but hey, it works.
Excuse me, do you got a minute where I can talk about Minecra- Duck off.
by HardcoreScientist November 28, 2022
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1) to go off with another person to have sex.
2) to already had sex with a person
1) i wanna duck off with that bitch tonight, yo.
2) i ducked off with her so long ago.
by Miss Kiara October 13, 2007
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away somewhere

originated in atlanta georgia (southside)
1.) Where you books at?
- Man, they ducked off up in mi bookbag.

2.)Where your sister at?
- Man, she ducked off in the house.
by marc ander June 17, 2007
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Can mean you are jerking off, or you are not going to talk for awhile. Use it for whatever you feel like though because it just sounds cool.
I’m ducking off.
Guys I’m ducking off.
I just haven’t been able to stop ducking off.

He hasn't shut up, I thought he said he was ducking off.
Is that guy going to China, or is he just ducking off?
by BoredonaPlane January 9, 2020
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