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A large preppy upper class suburb northwest of Columbus,Ohio. Dublin is home to many corporations such as Nationwide and Wendy's. It is also known for its milf's and the hottest girls in central Ohio. Dublin is a suburban paradise for white collar highly educated professionals with its clean, safe, and community oriented atmosphere. With great schools and plenty to do Dublin is a very appealing place to live.
Carly: OMGz I'm like soo bored want to go to the mall?
Ashlee: Yeah lets go to Tuttle Crossing.
Carly: Nah let's go to Polaris because us being from Dublin will be hotter than every girl there!
Ashlee: Oh yeah thats sooo true!!
by Wotown4L August 15, 2005

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A working class suburb of Columbus,Ohio southeast of I270 filled with wiggers and trailer trash. Most residents don't realize their town is a poorer more diverse version of Pickerington. Filled with sluts,shopping plazas, and drug addicts Reynoldsburg is quite a town!
Chris: Hey man where do you go to school?
Preston: Reynoldsburg yay yay!!
Chris: Uh okay then?
Preston: Where you live at?
Chris: Worthington it's richer,safer, and cleaner than your town...
Preston: Oh..well we pwn them Coffman niggs!!
by Wotown4L August 15, 2005

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