(Noun) One who is drinking has drank, is drunk, and will drink more. Enabling a fourth tense, that works for any tense, when you are simply too inebriated to realize how the english language works.
You: "man is steve dronk! Look at him go!" friend: "I think you mean drUnk buddy" You: "Steve can't be yet drunk as he is still drinking, and will probably still drink more."
by Alokin June 10, 2015
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You're drunk and you tried to say drunk. Can also be used as a verb meaning he/she has been drinking, and the narrator is drunk as well.
Dooode...I'm not dronk!
Brooh...He vary dronk.
by NoNumber@Email.Fuck May 9, 2018
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The type of beverage that is consumed following a miserable software release. Also, The way you feel after a miserable software release.
Man that was a miserable release, let bust out of hear early and go get some dronks!
by king c money July 29, 2011
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1. Being Born with the name Robert at birth.

Not to be confused with a Gronk

2. Sociopathic nature pyschopathic tendencies.

3. Beware

If you come across a dronk. Capture it if you can. We would like to run some tests on subjects
Oi isn't that Robo, dronk and half there. Cunt nuts.
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Meaning drunk, inebriated, intoxicated in the Afrikaans language which is widely spoken in South Africa. The term is used by both English and Afrikaans speakers.
He was very dronk after drinking lots of beer.
by Ruffian May 26, 2007
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A cross between soakedand drenched.
She was completely dronked after walking in the rain.
Also used in a sexual manner: I am so "dronk" for you right now.
She was completely Dronked after walking in the rain.
She is so dronk for you right now.
by Missy Matrix. December 13, 2016
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Verb (dronking-dronka)
When you, by means of extrapolating your penis from your trousers, slap the person (either asleep or not asleep) across the cheek with it.
This is done to show your authority and to exercise the right to show the length of your member
"Oh my gosh, i just got dronked in the face... that's butters!"
by finNIKy January 27, 2004
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