1. Luanne ate too much cabbage and got the drizzlies.

2. We can't go to Chicago? Man, that's the drizzlies.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 30, 2005
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the act of having sex and ejaculating inside of the partner and immediately inserting ice cream in side then having the partner stand over a bowl and letting the concoction flow into the bowl.
hey teddy you never guess what jen let me do to he last night


she let me give her a drizzly

oh gross man
by fatguyguyguy May 11, 2010
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the technical term for peeing out of your butt
hey tim,do you want to have a 3way with me and lisa?i want to but cant,got a case of the drizzlies
by the illusion September 03, 2010
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