Woman of combined souls, may seem mysterious or contrary, capable of great feats of strength and endurance, generous but not patient, an enigma and a lasting friend.
I thought she was being contrary but she was just being Luanne
by ladywordsmith February 4, 2010
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Basically the supreme catfish who makes set 8 boys such as will,Keane and Jordan fall in love with her
Luanne the catfish broke Jordan’s heart and is about to do it to will
by King Kalem March 28, 2020
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A wonderful women, with a lot of power. She controls her family's where-abouts. Filled with love for animals.
LuAnn is such a marvelous person, I wish I could be more like her.
by Psychedelic Someone January 4, 2010
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Luann is an amazing person. She usually has many different sides to herself, and can change from mad to the best friend you will ever have in the blink of an eye. She loves to gossip, and will take any chance she can to spill tea on other people.
Luann told me the tea on Adrian yesterday.
by Bermit the krog March 10, 2019
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A human with dog like senses and an alter ego, Crime Dog McGruff. Don't try and spark one around her or you'll get caught for sure!
Timmy: Yo my mom is gone lets spark a joint!
Tommy: Nice! Light that shit up!
*Mid way through the joint*
Timmy: O crap my mom is calling . . . Hello?
Mom: Timmy it smells like weed in the house, your grounded!
Tommy: Damn dude your mom is such a LuAnne!
by vivo el sueño February 4, 2010
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character on king of the hill. generally kind, naive, but about as smart as a brick. voiced by brittany murhpy who passed away in 2009. niece of peggy and hank hill. made a baby named gracie margaret but originally wanted to name her lasagna because she was high on anesthesia.
"I am a proud, ignorant woman!" quote from luanne platter
by tyler18 December 29, 2010
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A mentally unstable alcoholic who frequently engages in cocaine use.
Be careful in Florida there are a lot of Luann Schiavone's in that state.
by Thetruthhurtsfu123 April 17, 2022
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