a sex position when someone is suffering a 10 out of 10 pain in the asshole; and it feels like someone drillbitted that all night long.
damn that girl is walking like she just got drillbitted

wow that girl last night took it like a drillbit master
by Neto and Hank September 10, 2008
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A tiny penis, unworthy of any girls attention
girl number 1: Did you hook up with that guy from the bar last night?

girl number 2: Nah. When i got him naked, he was packin a drill bit.

girl number 1: What a loser.
by Papito Fiero April 01, 2010
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1)A bitch who is afraid to have sex or any other sexual contact
2)A person who is disgusted by sexual talk
1)my girl refused to have sex so I called her a drill bit
2)my friend got disgusted by my sexual fantasy so I called him a drill bit
by Cj Zack stones February 18, 2017
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