"Now I see why people call you drill bit.
Because you screw people!"

Drillbit Taylor - 2008
by Owen Wilsonss June 19, 2010
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1)A bitch who is afraid to have sex or any other sexual contact
2)A person who is disgusted by sexual talk
1)my girl refused to have sex so I called her a drill bit
2)my friend got disgusted by my sexual fantasy so I called him a drill bit
by Cj Zack stones February 18, 2017
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A tiny penis, unworthy of any girls attention
girl number 1: Did you hook up with that guy from the bar last night?

girl number 2: Nah. When i got him naked, he was packin a drill bit.

girl number 1: What a loser.
by Papito Fiero April 1, 2010
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A sexual act that involves a male penetrating a female butt while it is full of Shit. Usually done in a circular way. This takes the name of Texan Drill Bit because when a drill bit is digging, it does so while spinning and converting the soil to mud. Not very widespread Most Common in urban Texas, Tennessee, and Arizona.
Steve: Hey man why are you walking all funny like that.
Tom: Haley and I tried the Texan Drill Bit last night.
Steve: Oh yeah its gonna sting for a couple of Months.
Tom: Try telling that to Haley. She'll shit sideways weeks.
by rednecktxn October 4, 2010
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Drill Bit: an attractive woman.

Origin unknown. This term is commonly used by construction workers as a type of code to indicate to one another that an attractive woman is walking or driving by without drawing attention to their oggling.
1. “You see that drill bit by the blue car across the street
2.”guys look! A drill bit”
by Lutherisrael August 20, 2022
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