When a male defecates (preferably on a female's chest) and then ejaculates atop the heap of fecal matter in triumphant glory.
The perfect first date for me is horseback-riding, fancy dinner, and then finish the night off with Drillbit Taylor.
by O. Wilson February 21, 2011
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a hilarious movie about 3high schools that are being tormented by a psycotic bully, who, after they almost get run down with the bullys car, decide to hire a bodyguard, but what they dont know, is that hes actually just a homeless guy thats doing it so he can steal there stuff and move to canada.
"remember, what does the army say, have it your way." "I think that was burger king" "well where do you think they got it from?"

"I made so many friends today i cnt even count" (lie) "thats great honey" "YE-AH!" (chugs milk, starts crying)

"my names private Drillbit Taylor, US army ranger, black ops oprative."

"I got dischargedfor unathorized heroism, they say an army of 1, but i guess they mean the whole army working as one, but thats not the way i took it..."

Drillbit frequently goes oo rah!, even though thats the marines and not the army.

(gangster bodyguard) "why do you assume i like hip-hop? Because im dressed this way? i like country!"

by 66346uhj August 19, 2008
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When two guys scissor together and a female gets double penetrated at the same time... boy !!!!😛😛😛😛
Hay me and my boy have uncercomsize penises you want to hang with drillbit Taylor???
by Flint June 3, 2019
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