The best fucking man out there, literally anyone reading this to see some bad shit about this name for your buddy named drew, or anything, this name is better than fucking your mother on my couch, kitchen table as a matter of fact.

I'd rather fuck a girl named Drew than a girl named Sommer Ray.

Man this dude has the best name, if you are named drew, holy fuck buddy college is gonna be right fun for you. Slayin bitches left and right.

Bitches that have the names of Alex, Ryan, Evan, Dillon, Damien, or anyone like that is a fucking faggot and should consider a legal name change.
Drew is such a good fucker
Drew is so good at sports
I drew a picture of drews penis, but it didnt fit on my huge piece of paper sadly.
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by iRight Words December 09, 2018
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A drew is a person who is extremely raw/ catches wetttballls. He is good at every sport and gets pussy left and right. He takes shit from no one. He is the definiton of a BAMF.
Did you just see that drew? It loooks pretty delicious!
by igetpussy696969 July 21, 2010
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If your a drew your the hottest piece of man ever to live. He is normally very smart, athletic, amazing, caring, awesome, cool, chill, fearless, stunning, wonderful, mind-blowing, kind, astonishing, flashy, interesting, wild, and many other names or words.

Also he is tall and very handsome.

He is super charming and likes to play video games.

He normally makes pro sports teams like the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, or FIFA.

He is basically a super hero because he is so handsome and good looking, He's like the Hulks strength with the Flash's speed and Batman's glamour.

He is very good at flipping bottles, markers, and many other things.

He is really smart, he'll normally be in accelerated and honers role for everything in school.

He is the most good looking, and handsome person in the entire world.

He makes Micheal Jordan look bad at basketball.

He is the toughest, and strongest person of all times.
Likes the color Green a lot.

Also has a good sense of smell, taste, and hearing.
by DrewTheMan23 November 16, 2016
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This is my friend Drew, you know... like draw but past tense.
by carnitos February 23, 2010
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Drew is a guy who has lots of talent lots of great friends people know him likes usually one girl and won't give up until he gets her can be really up or can be really down on himself can be kind of and asshole if annoyed usually sarcastic, in the end drew is trying to get by and just wants people to be happy does a lot to please others, hopes one day he can finally be happy
by Critical thinker June 20, 2015
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Usually a guys name but it’s a unisex name that anyone can have. Can be short for Andrew but can be Drew on its own.
He has the dreamiest eyes and has a smirk that can make any girl fall for him. Sure he can be self centred sometimes but he definitely cares about the people who care for him. Drew is smart enough to not care for people who don’t care back because he understands it’s a waste of his time. I’m lucky to have a Drew in my life. He makes everyone feel like themselves which is amazing! He’s been my best friend since I was 7 and I can’t ask for a better Drew (I know two btw Drew T this for you) and he’s never let me hurt anyone or myself cuz he knows it’s a waste of time.
Girl:Omg who’s that!

Me: Girl that right there is my best friend Drew total hunk right?

Girl: 😍
by TheGirlWhoKnowsSomeoneCalled.. November 27, 2018
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Drew is a he. He's caring, loving, attractive, handsome, hot, a perv sometimes and an asshole, but he is sweet, he'll do anything for that special girl. He might not show his feelings to everyone but when he loves, he loves from the bottom of his heart. A Drew will always care, support and love. He usually falls for a girl who's name starts with a J. He'd do anything for his J just to see her smile, even if it meant acting like an idiot. He likes to cuddle with his J and will love her unconditionally.
"He is so sweet."
"He must be a Drew."
by lilatota September 15, 2013
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