Drew a video gamer, lover of all music exept country has a bit of a chubby physic but is charmingly handsome and has a way with words that make women bow at his knees (also the fact that he's hung like a house) is ur best friend if your a guy and a Teddy bear for the ladies when they want to cuddle will try to get into the pants of every girl he meets has an unmistakable charm about him
Oh my gosh look at that dork over there playing video games with all those hot chicks around him he must be a drew!!!
by happycamper24 June 21, 2011
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Drew is a he. He's caring, loving, attractive, handsome, hot, a perv sometimes and an asshole, but he is sweet, he'll do anything for that special girl. He might not show his feelings to everyone but when he loves, he loves from the bottom of his heart. A Drew will always care, support and love. He usually falls for a girl who's name starts with a J. He'd do anything for his J just to see her smile, even if it meant acting like an idiot. He likes to cuddle with his J and will love her unconditionally.
"He is so sweet."
"He must be a Drew."
by lilatota September 15, 2013
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Usually a guys name but it’s a unisex name that anyone can have. Can be short for Andrew but can be Drew on its own.
He has the dreamiest eyes and has a smirk that can make any girl fall for him. Sure he can be self centred sometimes but he definitely cares about the people who care for him. Drew is smart enough to not care for people who don’t care back because he understands it’s a waste of his time. I’m lucky to have a Drew in my life. He makes everyone feel like themselves which is amazing! He’s been my best friend since I was 7 and I can’t ask for a better Drew (I know two btw Drew T this for you) and he’s never let me hurt anyone or myself cuz he knows it’s a waste of time.
Girl:Omg who’s that!

Me: Girl that right there is my best friend Drew total hunk right?

Girl: 😍
by TheGirlWhoKnowsSomeoneCalled.. November 27, 2018
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a really fat ugly troll who lives under a bridge and will take all of your lunch money because he is so fat and needs food
that guy is so big his name must be "drew"
by George Henderson May 11, 2022
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Drew is a guy that makes a girl go insane over him. He may not realize it but at all times there is at least someone thinking about him. He is sweet, charming, caring, and the hottest guy you will ever meet. If you get the chance to date a drew never let him go he will make you the happiest girl alive.
Girl #1: Fuck! I think I'm falling for Drew
Girl#2 : Shit I am too!
by imfallinginluvvv November 30, 2017
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Drew is a girl who is caring. She is a beautiful lady. She is very athletic and play as much sports as she can. She is a very good friend and will always be there for you. She can be a bitch so you better not mess with her. You are rude to her, she give it 10x worse back. She would do anything for her crush. She is crazy always ready for fun. Also many don't like her because she is cocky at times, but if anyone really got to know her they would love her.
Boy: Man Drew is pretty and funny! I wish she wasn't taken!
by ihaveNOideaMAAM December 28, 2012
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