Name for boy/girl. But this defenition is for a girl.
She has amazing eyes
She has amazing hair
She has amazing features!
She is really sweet, down to earth, talented, love to flirt&will always be faithful to her "special friend"(;
Her beauty is out of this world and it takes something special to get her...she definitley not easy. AT ALL!
Everyone loves her and respects her, just as they should.
If you meet a girl named Drew, keep her around. She's worth your time.
" Ay! Who's that?"
"Oh thats my girlfriend"
"damn dude. she hella sexy.youre lucky dude"
"yeah ..she's sexy. you know why though?"
" That's Drew "
eyes sexy bomb cute hair fine cute sweet not easy
by mtbaby<3 September 26, 2010
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a person who masturbates excessively
Person 1: "Don't be a Drew!"
Person 2("drew"): "I can't help myself sometimes, especially while looking at a mirror."
by DaddyC93 November 19, 2013
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Often Hyper, laughs at most things, used to act black, changed over the summer of 2011, Stoped being Obnoxiousness,
dude drew isnt acting black anymore!
its a miracle!
by pkhacks November 17, 2011
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The most amazing, breathtaking person on planet earth. He is hilarious & sarcastic, yet sweet and loving. He's got the strongest hands and his eyes are the brightest color. He is so gorgeous inside and out. He is always trying to better himself and does it just fine. He is in love with Megan and will marry her someday. He loves to do exciting things, like sky diving and travel ! He will live nothing but an out of the ordinary, fascinating life and people will look up to Drew so much for how far he's come and what he's done. He is simply stunning <3
Did Drew just fart, cause he took my breath away!
by ellebanna6 February 20, 2011
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The coolest cat in the world! Can be used as a GIRL name, but is quite rare. Many people are jealous of Drew and praise him/her. Some people call him/her Drewsifer, when really he/she is the complete opposite.
*In the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit, amen. Forgive me Drew, for I have sinned...*
by coolbraids November 19, 2010
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A charming and sweet asshole, has the tendencies to have a smart mouth and be extremely sarcastic, but cares for everyone. He's nice when he wants to be and can make a girl fall for him in just the snap of a finger. He ether really loves sports or dosnt really care about them and his favorite colors are usually Purple, yellow, blue, or green. He has a playful attitude and is happy most of the time. But if he isn’t happy he is really mad and probably dangerous. He’s really popular and has several friends but has just as many enemy’s. People who meet a Drew should try to get on his good side because if your not you should be scared of him and his friends. His genetles are usually really big and he’ll mention that every chance he gets. A Drew is one of the kind of guys that LOVE his shoes and will do anything to keep them clean. A Drew has great style and a cool or unique hair color like auburn, ginger or white and it’s usually one of the most important things to a Drew and he may love his hair more than a friend of girlfriend. A Drew’s usually isn’t 100% American, there mostly Irish, Scottish, German or Swedish. His real name is probably Andrew. He also has dated hundreds of girls and is always looking for a one night stand.
Uh oh, it’s Drew! I better leave”
“Wow I love Drew’s shirt it’s really stylish
Jeez, Drew loves his hair and shoes to much!”
by May 1, 2018
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