Norfolk and East Anglian slang for a condom. Named after the first man in East Anglia to go out dressed as a condom packet.
Him: Let's have sex

Her: Have you got a Drew?
by ChrisAshton October 27, 2013
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A story topper

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To interrupt one's statement to describe his or her own past experience in attempt to "one up" you and make themselves feel more important or better than you
Friend: Damn man, I am so tired from yesterday's workout. Today is gonna... -

A Drew: -Oh yeah?! Well I did half of yesterday's workout at a much slower pace, and then I did 3 hours of wrestling practice! I am so dead!

Friend 2: Okay, Drew.
by mrpopperspenguin October 2, 2011
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In Fantasy Football...

A Drew means drafting a top 3 team but shitting in his pants as he is trading it away for a bottom 3 team.
Can you believe beer pong babies pulled A Drew by trading Ronnie Brown and Troy Williamson for Keyshawn "not even the #1 WR on his team" Johnson?
by MONDOS HELL September 26, 2006
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A charming and sweet asshole, has the tendencies to have a smart mouth and be extremely sarcastic, but cares for everyone. He's nice when he wants to be and can make a girl fall for him in just the snap of a finger. He loves sports and his favorite colors are usually yellow, blue, and green. He has a playful attitude and is happy most of the time.
Allie: "Drew is such an amazing guy."
Everyone else: "I know."
by fallingforyous April 5, 2013
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Usually a guys name.

He is very sweet, and loves sports.

Extremely cute.

Can be an asshole at times.

Perverted at times also.

Sarcastic alot.

Would do anything for that one girl.

He will always be their for you.

Ex: Wow Drew is amazing.
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Generally a smart, caring, intelligent, slightly sarcastic guy whose full name is usually Andrew. Also, very handsome and charming. Ass-hole tendencies are sporatic, but infrequent.
Hey, that guy's name must be Drew. That would explain why he's so hot and smart at the same time!
by booc0mtaco August 20, 2006
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