Dresscodes is the second sexiest gamer on mcc, the first being LordHeroMc the PuertoRican Papi.
Damn is that Dresscodes she rly do be second
by MinecraftGod1234 March 09, 2020
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1. Sexualizes and objectifies the young body
2. Blames the wearer for the onlookers perceptions/actions
3. Perpetuated rape culture
4. I total BS
by I am a real feminist June 06, 2018
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A STUPID code and rule usually found at schools or jobs, that makes no sense at all. This dress code is hated by mostly everyone but, the goody two-shoes that just want clout from their teachers.
Betty- I hate the stupid dress code soo much.
Isabella- They made me switch my shorts because they "showed too much skin."
Betty- But they made me take off my hoodie, because it's "not allowed inside!"
Isabella- This dress code makes no FRICKING SENSE!!!
by Oof_Miaaa December 05, 2018
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fuck dress code. why can't I wear pajama pants. I hate school
Random motherfucker: you are breaking dress code. Me: does it look like I fucking care
by thatbitchinthecorner December 28, 2019
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