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a. The act of shredding so amazingly that time stands still and the entire world weeps the beauty that you created.
b. The super amazing freaking owning of someone/thing.
c. BEING super amazingly freaking awesome.
a. "dude I was dragonforcing when I suddenly achieved enlightenment" or "damn I just dragonforced the shit out of that michael bolton song"
b. "dude you just got dragonforced!" "that dragonforces!"
c. "sean and doty are such dragonforcers "
by Anarchyfate August 09, 2006
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When guitarists force unnecessary technical riffs in their playing to propel their guitar wankery to new levels. Employed religiously by the band Dragonforce, whose guitar-masturbation prowess is unrivaled. Often also attempted by jack-offs at Guitar Center who sit and play the same sweeps all day long, hoping to somehow be "discovered" in their unrelenting daily solo-debuts.
"That doochebag has been over there dragon-forcing his lame-ass riffs on that Marshall half-stack for about half an hour now."
by dead_on_arrival1123 September 15, 2008
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The act of covering up crappy guitar playing by using a ton of pedals.
That idiot can't play guitar so he's just DragonForcing.
by asdasdasdfdse August 17, 2009
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The act of creating music when you don't have even a faint trace of musicality, aesthetics or humanism. Writing music so stale and forced only adolescents who are blind to the fact you have nothing whatsoever to say or offer society can listen to it.
"Did you hear the latest song by Soulja Boy, Man he's taking DragonForcing to a whole new level!" or "Man, Even Paris Hilton DragonForced out an album!"
by threeofaperfectpair April 16, 2008
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v. The act of making your songs sound the same.
I was too lazy to think up some more lyrics for our band, so I just started DragonForcing it.
by Toxicity14 November 26, 2007
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