To complete a project, task, assignment, etc as fast as possible, paying little/no attention to detail, finesse, quality of results, etc. Adapted from DragonForce, a power metal band from England known for their intensely fast songs.
"I really don't care about this class, so I'm just going to dragonforce the final project."
by Mikey the I/O Psychologist March 14, 2008
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A Power Metal band who managed to get through three albums without anyone noticing that every song was exactly the same as the last. Exactly.
Billy Everyteen: Wow! This band is so amazing! Herman Li is god! I'm going to have to listen to more of their music.

-Half an hour later, after having sampled more of Dragonforce's library of songs-

Billy Everyteen: Haven't I heard this song before?
by Thaddeus Sivana December 7, 2006
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The Fallout Boy of Metal. Loved mostly by 12 year olds, most fans grow out of liking them when they get in High School. The majority of their fans don't play guitar or are extremely bad at it (in terms of technical skill) and usually don't realize that speed is not some heavenly gift, it can be achieved by anyone.
by joe725 March 9, 2008
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Noun. When you play quarter notes at a 250 tempo over a fast drum beat. Named after a shitty band known for using this technique to make them sound fast.
I can't think of a filler song for our new album so we might as well pull a dragonforce instead of being epic like Wintersun.
by ziggidynambapoook April 21, 2008
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The dragonforce is the sixth fundamental force in the universe. The force manifests itself where ever a kid hyped up on mountain dew needs a musical accompaniment to late-night online gaming. No one knows exactly from where the force originates, but it is speculated that some sort of temporal flux threw some excess energy from the 80s into the present time. The magnitude of the dragonforce equals the mass of a guitar string times the acceleration given to it by Herman Li’s guitar pick.

In order for humans to harness the dragonforce, they must go through several steps:
1. Lighten up about your music.
2. buy a CD
3. drink 2 red bulls
4. load WoW/NWN and enjoy.
Because of Dragonforce, my soul and my spirit will go on for all of eternity.
by S. Dragonforce November 19, 2006
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Fucking kickass powerband from London. They are so fucking fast its amazing. They literally put the power in power metal. Nothing but pure kick your face in awesomeness. I cannot wait until they come into the states. You have to hear how fast they are. Their guitar work is unmatched in power metal and the drumming is the drumming of gods. Some may call their lyrics "cheesy" but it is better than you could ever do. Trust me you cannot match their skills in instruments. Don't believe me download "Soldiers of the Wasteland" That should change your mind.
Dragonforce literally owns power metal. No other power metal band can match up to their overall technical work and skills with the instruments. Forget Blind Guardian. This band owns power metal
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