To insult someone repeatedly and thoroughly. Synonymous with roasting.
Boy they dragged the hell out you!
by Eternal Outsider April 06, 2017
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A "Drag" is when someone proceeds to take anywhere from 3-4 puffs of a Cigarette and/or Joint
"Hey bro, can you pass me a drag of your smoke."
by Daveyishere October 26, 2018
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'Drag', contrary to popular belief, is not a man who dresses up as a woman and competes in a race for the pleasure of somebody called 'RuPaul'. It is actually an extraordinary creature which rivals the beauty of that of a 'darius', 'Micropenis the Mighty.' and 'Jelly Belly'.
"Woah, that thing is so cool, beautiful and has massive muscles! It reminds me of drag."
"Don't be silly, drag is way more beautiful and muscular and cool than that thing!"
by IITChallaII December 31, 2019
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Another term for fighting. Beating someone up
I will drag that girls ass if she keeps talking to my man!

I’m not fighting again I already drugged her already!!**
by Calibabe09876 October 19, 2018
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