Someone can pull a "Dracula", when a guy is having sex with a girl, and he gets a red rocket (blood on his penis), after he pulls out and notices, the girl then sucks all the blood off, hence, pulling a "Dracula".
A guy tells his friends about hooking up with a girl the previous night and says, "Dude, she fucking Dracula'd my ass".
by binbin89 February 23, 2011
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adjective used to describe something that "sucks".
man, that new Beck album is straight up dracula!
by Lyrch April 01, 2005
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Emotional sort of being who likes to listen to Emo while drinking his koolaid. I mean blood.
I want to suck your bloood!
by Jig January 08, 2004
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nown : a device which drains extensive amounts of resources
The DVR is a dracula, using tremendous amounts of power when you are not watching TV.
by nick_g June 30, 2011
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