Young man who does multiple things and goes about his day conquering problems and ensuring that his goals are worthwhile and that he comes out on top even if it means playing dirty which he’s NEVER against.

dr J is on his way, nuff said
Omg Dr J is bae <3

Make way for dr J” -tabloids

“Today is for dr J”

dr j is an individual with many goals and zero weaknesses which in itself can be a weakness, but trust dr j
by Wellohello7457 August 28, 2022
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professional or scientific name for old J (“junifer morningsnout, “june wick”, junior, j grimes, etc)

Not to be confused with mediocre basketball legend dr j, but the REAL DR J , is an unfiltered villainous tik toker who seeks to bring his schemes into fruition.

Dr J is a former college student who is a jack of all trades type character who does experiments and plots schemes (usually sexual themed or outright violent) and is aided by willybone who acts as his Brains and occasionally consultant.

Junior grimes is Dr J and his catchphrase is “paging dr J, baby, huh! It’s recommended you take double doses of me super sized!”

Dr J = junior (junior Grimes)
Dr J is a multi purpose individual with many mysterious origins, known as junior the egomaniac amongst certain crowds and the internet due to his infamy

Dr J is recommended by 10 out of 10 woman

…sometimes 11 or more
by Misfired December 9, 2021
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Julius Erving, a Hall of Fame basketball player. Dr. J played college basketball at UMass and then went to the American Basketball Association where he played for the Virginia Squires and New York Nets. When the ABA and NBA merged, onerous financial conditions placed on the Nets forced them to sell the rights to Dr. J to the Philadelphia 76ers, with whom he had a fantastic career until his retirement in 1987.

Among other feats, in the 1976 ABA All Star Game during the first slam dunk contest Dr. J dunked the ball after leaping from the free throw line.
Dr. J was one of the great players from the American Basketball Association who also dominated in the NBA.
by PMax March 9, 2008
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"Roll me a dr. j."
by JohnnyLurg November 23, 2011
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Julius Erving. One of the best NBA players of all time. Invented the slam dunk
by Killa from Manila July 27, 2007
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My back was killing me and I was horny so I went and got a Dr. J.
by Dr feelgood April 15, 2017
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Another term for anal sex, inspired by Julius Erving's signature basketball move.
When driving towards the goal, Dr. J would often jump parallel with the baseline. While in the air, he would reach around and jam the ball into the rim from behind the backboard. His method of entry from the rear became his signature move, which resulted in him receiving much attention from women, which resulted in Dr. J (allegedly) entering said women from the rear. They loved it.
Guy 1: I heard Gabe bought an authentic Dr. J jersey on Ebay today. What's up with that?
Guy 2: He had anal sex with a woman last night. He jammed it in from behind like Dr. J. Straight up Dr. J'ed her. The Dr. J jersey is like the scarlet letter, only the opposite.
by CharlieBroccoli May 2, 2011
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