I am not fully Dutch or fully Australian but I am a Dozzie!
by Ilj January 25, 2015
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If someone calls you Dozzie it basically means that you like to be jacked off by gay buff cowboys and you are a cum dumpster for buff gay men to fuck you in the ass.
Bro, you're kinda Dozzie, ngl.
by Ogre69Epic March 19, 2021
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Dozzi - verb - pronunciation et "doh-zee"
To ejaculate powerfully and with determination with high velocity and wide coverage.
More commonly used in past and present forms - eg. dozzying and dozzied.
Is it ok if I dozzi all over your face?
by shmandasour March 3, 2011
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Hidden way to say disabled so that the teacher won't catch you
''Stop acting like a Dozzy!''
by Palento the Dozzy April 16, 2019
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Dozzy is a form of saying sorry in a kind of "ahh sorry mate LOLOL" type way, its not a very serious phrase and is abrieviated from sorry to sozzy to dozzy. can be extended to dozzycopter.
did you get me that cd?, dozzy>.<
by THE Failduck August 3, 2009
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If someone calls you Dozzie, it means you love being dominated by gay buff men who jerk your cock all day and night. Your penis is very small, and you are very very gay and love getting oral gay sex from big buff cowboys.
Bro, you had gay sex? You're Dozzie ngl.
by Ogre69Epic March 19, 2021
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