A prostitute that works the docks and caters to horny sailors.
"When we get to shore, I'm spending my gold on the first doxie I see!"
by fukupeter May 31, 2018
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A modern document scanner. Just like regular old-school paper scanners, but cooler, smarter, cheaper, web-connected, and awesome.
*at a hipster coworking space*
Girl: Excuse me, but is that a Doxie? Far out!
Boy: I know, right? It scans stuff right to the cloud.
Girl: *picks up Doxie* It's so lightweight and portable! Whoa, that sounded like cheesy ad copy. Um, anyway... you're so cool that you have one!
Boy: I know, right? Come on, let's go back to my place. I've got some, uh, other toys you might like.
Girl: Let's go!
by perfectpizza February 06, 2010
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