When you make an "update" on an operating system for your computer and the only known changes are that all wireless adapters, web cams, microphones, and headphones cease to work, resulting in trauma to the brain.
I was in complete excitement that all 75 updates were complete, but all hope crashed like the software in my computer as I realised it was one massive downdate.
by Dtxenioutha November 23, 2009
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An OS update to your cell phone that renders it slow as molasses and makes one want to pulverize it. A core strategy utilized by phone manufacturers (eg. Apple) to force people into upgrading their phones.
I downdated my phone with iOS 7, and now I'm screwed...up yours with a rubber hose Tim Cook!
iOS 7, Apple
by Schwetty Ballz December 2, 2013
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Something that's supposed to be an update, but makes things worse instead. Some well-known downdates include the iPhone 7's removal of the headphone jack, the MacBook's ridiculously few connection ports, and almost everything Tumblr does on its website.
Even though the messaging feature proved to be popular, the site removed it in a downdate to allegedly replace it with a less buggy alternative.
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When someone posts an update on Facebook which is designed to show how miserable their life is. Some that go up are just plain attention seeking over a very minor event but some of course would appreciate a call as they maybe dont have someone IRL they can speak to.

Not to be confused with "cryptic" updates which don't get a response when asked "whats up" because they're just plain annoying and everybody hates them.
{Facebook status}
Jenny 'Smith'
"Why does everyone hate me, this is so tough"
Luke 'Jones'
"Not ANOTHER downdate from you!? This has been going on for months and its not good for you! We need to do something about this, I'll call you"
by IRMaggers January 9, 2013
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The most prolific source of computer trojans online, frequently euphemized as Windows Update.
Windows Downdate frequently prompts the user to "update" Windows/MSN Messenger to version 4.7 even though version 6 or 7 is already installed.

After installing SP2, Windows Downdate wanted me to update a bunch of things that I updated before SP2, so I don't know if SP2 downdated them, or if Windows Downdate wanted to downdate them after SP2 updated them.
by Downstrike September 15, 2004
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To revert a tastelessly updated house, building, or part of one, to a more classic appearance.
Realtor: "Check out this completely updated kitchen! Everything's new, new, NEW!"
Me: "No, no, NO! Nothing but gray and stainless steel. A secondhand autopsy table would blend right in. This kitchen needs to be downdated!"
by Under da Bus March 4, 2022
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When there's a tech update that makes the product worse.
Conditional formatting in excel now switches off when you type in something new. What a fucking downdate.
by awfulstuff January 11, 2022
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