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A middle aged or elderly woman that dreams of screwing young, usually teenage boys, she is frequently called a "cougar". The age of the male may be older, mid twenties however it is essential he have a young youthful appearance.

The older, aged woman will often stare at the boys young buttock and try to manipulate the situation to secure a location where they will be alone or in a private spot.
Frequently she will provide drugs or alcohol to the boy to reduce his inhibitions prior to seducing him.

During the last few years many female teachers have been sexually involved with teen age boys. There are several theories as to why these women are attracted to and pursue young boys, many barely into puberty.

Some psychologist believe that some of these women are emotionally arrested and are emotionally stuck in their teenage years while others believe these women crave the power to dominate a man but can only be succeed with young boys. These older woman may have have a secret sexual fixation to seduce young men who may suffer from a "Mommy Complex' commonly called the Oedipus complex.

Whatever the reason, it is advisable to maintain a watchful eye on your sons as well as your daughters when they are mingling with "trusted" adults.
Dirty old woman to young boy, "You are so strong". She grabs his bicep and gently squeezes it several time. "Would you help me carry these heavy cases of beer into the kitchen for me"? "Thank You. You are such a wonderful young man". "Would you like a beer"?

Young boy 1: That dirty old woman is staring at you.
Young boy 2: Her tits are hanging down to her waist!
Young boy 1: Yea, but she is driving a corvette.
Young boy 2: You know what, I think I will ask her if she need help putting her walker into the car.
by iiradical May 26, 2009
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