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Ancient Egyption Mathieu means "El Grande"
as in someone with a huge penis, know only to immortals,
also Mathieu mean the most attractive man ever
that guy has a Mathieu of a penis
by begalfull April 23, 2009
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A gorgeous male from Switzerland.
He's nice, with an incredibly cute smile, hot abs, and adorable French accent.
He speaks more than one language.
girl 1 - "OMG! Look, look, look, it's Mathieu!"
girl 2 - *SQUEAL* "he is so freakin' HOT!
by American Admirer November 12, 2010
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To Mathieu is to make an incredibly lame joke and proceed laugh about it for hours on end, commenting on the principles in which make it funny. Considering Matthews are renowned for being funny, and French people are renowned for being anything but, the name comes from the French adaptation of aforementioned name.
"Bro, did you hear what I just said? Classic!"

"You totally Mathieu'd that shit"
by Chrogan May 05, 2010
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A name referring to outstanding male endowment. Unfortunately, Mathieu's have become the target of violence to many with furious penis envy. The most violent to attack Mathieus are known to work in groups and forcibly remove the Mathieu's penis, hence the small or absent penis Mathieu . A Mathieu is a blessing that can become cursed, such is the nature of this jealous world.
Any Girl: "He's got a Mathieu in the drawers"


News Anchor: "A gang Mathieud another massively endowed citizen this evening as he exited the apartment of a woman who later committed suicide when she realized she could no longer be pleasured by that Mathieu dick again"
by Brokenneck October 15, 2009
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The founder of the world, normally under the influnce of 2 or more drugs at a time. Mathieu is a legendary title only given to select people who have proven themselves in several challenges such as: defeating a montser, being able to make weapons from nothing and more.

Mathieu's have the abbilty to do things that normal people couldn't do, such as: fucking up the most simplest of tasks.
He's such a Mathieu, he managed to screw up his xbox by putting a metal object in it... Why dose he have to fuck with everything?
by Bl00d f1r3 August 30, 2010
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A name given to a child with a penis so short, there parents contemplated having surgery to change 'him' into a 'her'. Usually the surgery is not undergone and the 'son' is left with an extremely short penis, usually unable to penetrate their life partners.....which are usually men.
Doctor to parents "im sorry but this is a classic Mathieu case and its best if they are left a boy, the world does need diversity and we cant all be straight."
by t-bearmd March 15, 2009
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Mathieu should consider trying a little harder to make his microscopic penis grow a few more inches. wait- did i say he had a penis? scratch that, he needs to douche his vagina. he's a little emo fag that needs to grow up and stop dating a billion girls at a time. mathieu is a freaking poser who's all like "OMG IM SO FUCKING COOL CUZ IM EMO!!!!!" yeah, in your dreams buddy, you fucking wanna-be!!! oh i forgot to add, mathieu carries disgusting bacteria in his mouth - (also known as herpes). Mathieu is an angry teenage boy who's obsessed with slipknot. people, come on, you can't forget SLIPKNOT!! LMFAO JOKES!!!
Mathieu: OMG IM SOOO COOL!!!!!!!! GO SLIPKNOT!!!!

Random person: "hey everybody, why don't we all team up and beat the crap outa this stupid poser!!"

Another random person: "YEAH!!!!"

Mathieu: "nooooo!! not my penis!!!"

Random person: "what penis?"
by the popos May 30, 2009
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