Is to send a text message after already sending a first text message and not receiving a reply, usually to a member of the opposite sex that one is interested in. The double tap is often a rookie mistake that everyone makes in their life and it usually comes off reeking of desperation (which in turn puts of the recipient of the text even more).
Person A -"Why hasn't she replied yet.... Stuff it im going to send her another text."
Person B - "Dude.. NEVER try double tapping.. thats instant desperate weirdo!!"
by Ruddaga August 31, 2009
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Two shots of a firearm in proximity, in rapid succession. Made to cause a bigger, more damaging wound.
Medics couldn't help the poor guys chest wound, it was a double tap.
by VGC April 30, 2008
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A style of "dancing" that is popular among teenagers in New York City. It is the act of dry humping to a beat/instrumental while standing up. Guys double taps a girls & girls double tap girls.
Guy 1- Bro you going to that double tap party?
Guy 2- Yeah bro, Im tryna double tap shawty from the last party.
Guy 1- Word me too lol.
by Hannnn March 7, 2015
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Shooting someone twice in the head very quickly. I think the official number is something like 1.7 seconds.
by proud2deviate March 5, 2004
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Two bullet shots to the head in close succesion and close proximity made by an experienced marksman.
Just then, two shots rang out. Palmer slumped to the ground, having taken a double tap to the back of the head from 2nd Lt Pino Martello's sidearm; apouncy little Beretta 22.
by Typus June 1, 2005
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fucking the same girl twice , consecutively , without getting dressed in between
man, i fucked my wife so hard last night , i almost got to double tap!!
by not so hard November 21, 2011
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