1. Used when doing something twice.
2. Hitting someone or something twice.
3. Shooting something or something twice.
Pretty much doing anything twice.
1. "Double tap on this spot"= I have this spot, dont take it.
2. "I double tapped him in the car"=I hit him twice in the car.
3, "I double tapped him, just in case"= I shot him twice, just to make sure.
by Sammiboo16 June 19, 2012
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A) Having sex with someone, heading out, and then coming back within hours of leaving. This usually involves significant others or friends with benefits, but for greater effect, strangers.
Person A: Hey, I just got back from the gym.
Person B: You're such a liar, you stink of sex and rubber.
Person A: Haha, how'd you know? :phone call: Well, hey I have to jet.
Person B: You going to double tap tonight aren't you?
by -synthetik- September 10, 2010
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An execution used in arcade fighting games to have a higher percentage of landing combos or supers.
I double tap when I do Blanka hop super, because the timing is hard.
by Charlie Nguyen January 06, 2005
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Tapping someone's shoulder twice in order to challenge someone to a dance off in a club.
Germaine was throwing down moves at this club when some guy double-tapped him and challenged him to a dance off.
by ECWriter August 29, 2010
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When a guy is doing a chick and a 3rd person helps him thrust by pushing his ass from behind. Sometimes a towel is used.

Often accompanied by trash talk such as "You're wild baby" and "You want me all the way in?"
Tony knew Julia had a dirty rotten stinkhole, but he didn't know that she liked Double Taps.
by Mr. Teabag 2 January 26, 2008
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A popular dance among teens in New York in which a girl bends down and the boy grabs her waist to hump the girl's booty doggy style
Friend 1: You going to the party tonight
Friend 2: Hell yeah! You gon double tap that shawty from the last party
Friend 1: U know it!!!
by flyboyyoungin February 28, 2017
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