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lsd, acid, etc
we went to the dead show looking for some doses.
by rue January 29, 2004
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A generally derranged indvidual who enjoys listening to, for lack of better words, crap. Boy bands with instruments, if you will. They generally migrate around Hot Topic during the summer and other such days off from school.
Shopping at Hot Topic makes you see a superfluous amount of poser punks.
by Rue March 29, 2003
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To be great at an activity

Derived from the swedish ravings of Sweden-Is-Gratest the most eccentric TFC player ever.

Can also be used with other words such as wubbage and CMNP
'OMG I RO><oR!!!!!'

'I got ro><or CMNP last night from Requiem'
by Rue September 01, 2004
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