A dorkel is the act of using someone’s dick as a snorkel.
Ryan: “Hey Kiarra wanna go to Chris’ pool and try my dorkel?”
by Sark__9 February 25, 2018
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Verb: When two dork's snuggle.

forms: dorkels, dorkeling, dorkeled.
Dork 1: I want to snuggle someone so bad!
Dork 2: Dorkel with me, then!
by Elie Antoinette September 21, 2008
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1. a mixture of dork and snorkel; referring to someone as weird and/ or out-of-the-ordinary in a friendly and jesting way
You are a dorkel, you spaz.

We are such dorkels, hahaha.

dork weirdo
by Bunzerelly June 02, 2009
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