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She may seem like a total bitch but once you get to know her you'll fall in love. She loves basketball and baseball she always has her friends back. She is good at keeping secrets. Is beatiful both inside and out if you ever find a Kiarra keep her. She will always be there to listen, talk, and give you advice. Always have a kiarra around.
Kiarra is my brst friend i dont know what i would without her

I know your so lucky
by Laloolala January 28, 2017
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Kiarra is the most beautiful and loving girl on the planet and is the love of my life u couldn’t find a better match
If Kiarra’s around I’m around
by Dkdkfmrf May 29, 2018
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a beautiful gurl,has sensitive feelings, loves sports. Is usually the nicest and honest gurl in the room. Shes good at keeping secrets, and loves flirting wit boys. Shes the meaning of the word freak. And loves to get what she wants. She isn't patient. She likes things to come to her easily. Shes shy but yet confident. She is a determined gurl.
Kiarra is a sweet and innocent mac.
by fdaljkjdsgfadoghagoi February 15, 2009
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Is Ghetto and Loud,she's lit and turnt all the time,she plays basketball and softball, smacks boys booties bc she thinks it's funny,there's never a silent moment with her friends,tries to act white all the time,she doesn't put up with bull,likes to be honest to people,many people don't like her but she don't care,she is an supportful friend,and is pretty fine in her own way and her boots is to die for....
I will never take Kiarra back to another restaurant..
by Hdhducjdbhz December 21, 2016
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The most loving person your will ever meet, she’s kind, caring, loving. She will do anything to make you smile and is the most amazing person to have in ones life 💕@J
by @j @k August 19, 2018
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A Mexican girl who looks white but has a black name.
Guy 1: Did you see Kiarra? She's so fine!
Guy 2: That new black girl?
Guy 1: Nah, the Mexican one
Guy 2: Wait, THAT Kiarra? She's white af
by Breandán April 07, 2017
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