Typical slang for girl-next-door, which stemmed from the bubbly blonde singer/actress who was popular in the 1950s.
No wonder goody-two shoes Doris Day has so many friends....
by dj mbm July 10, 2008
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*Often the second half of the term is dropped.

How about that Boy George...with all that make up. He seems a little bit Doris, doesn't he?
by Adam A February 08, 2004
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girl who is goody-two shoes, always does right.
"Why is she on everybody's good side, Doris Day is always getting props from the authority".
by dj mbm July 10, 2008
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doris day is a wonderful dog who is madly in love with dallon weekes from panic! at the disco
doris day loves to get her face rubbed by dallon weekes
by dallonweekesnumberonefan October 30, 2011
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rock star parking In 1960s Doris Day movies, whenever DD would arrive at her destination, a parking space would be available right in front of it so she could drive her convertible right in. No valets necessary.
When I drove into Hollywood to see "Wicked", there was a
"Doris Day parking" space that was open right in front of the Pantages theater. (Examples are sprinkled throughout all movies of the 60s. Jessica Fletcher ("Murder She Wrote") had the same luck.)
by John Mar. November 11, 2007
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Any parking spot that seems as though it was meant to be, as evidenced by the spot's convenience to one's destination as well as the smoothness with which one can park their car in said spot.

Derived from the sort of parking found by Doris Day in any Doris Day movie.

See also: Rock Star Parking
Because of the sweet Doris Day parking I got in Westwood, I wasn't late for the movie.
by Amanda Louise November 29, 2006
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If you watch old Doris Day movies, she has the most amazing parking luck and timing. Ms. Day was one of the first ladies to drive solo in movies and she had the uncanny knack of pulling up in front of the bank, butcher, office, etc. and getting the spot right in front of the door.

As such, Doris Day Parking spots are the PERFECT parking spots - mere steps to the door of any establishment. Good mojo for Doris Day Parking is said to to be acquired by singing the Doris Day version of "Que Sera Sera" as you approach the area in which you are seeking a parking spot.
I was short on time when I drove to the bank at lunch, so I sang "Que Sera Sera" the whole way. When I arrived there was Doris Day Parking; the spot was so close, three steps from my car to the door.
by DD Parking February 11, 2008
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