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A play on the word "dictator". Usually pertaining to a man who is in full command of his woman. But can also be used in reference to any dude who is a pushy, controlling, overly aggressive asshole.
"Man, Rachel's new boyfriend is such a cocktator. He won't let her do anything fun anymore."
by Adam A November 02, 2003
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"Yo, I walked up to that guy and cold puched him in the face."

"...with microphone in hand I cold took command." - Run-DMC
by Adam A April 18, 2003
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An unexpected, sloppy way in which an individual male will urinate the morning following a night of intercourse. The male ejaculate left to dry in the penis offsets the flow of urine causing a terrible misdirected aim.
John woke up with a hangover, went to take a leak and sex pissed all over the shower curtain.
by Adam A September 15, 2003
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in referenece to the weather; a beautiful and/or hot spring or summer day
"I hear tommorow is supposed to be pretty sexy."
by Adam A April 18, 2003
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*Often the second half of the term is dropped.

How about that Boy George...with all that make up. He seems a little bit Doris, doesn't he?
by Adam A February 08, 2004
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A group of people walking slowly parallel to eachother(shoulder to shoulder), in a narrow isled shopping plaza, which creates a physical baracade allowing no one to pass on either side.
Bill only had a 15 minute break at work so so he rushed to the food court to grab some pizza, only to be stopped by a mall wall consisting of two old women, two strollers, and a few dick head prep school kids.
by Adam A September 15, 2003
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