City hidden in Florida, near Miami. This city, originally part of the Everglades, now contains an overabundance of townhouses and middle schools. Population: 50% Venezuelan, 49% Colombian, 1% other. City is also known as "Doralzuela" or "Drugal" because of the excess of Venezuelans and the constant use of supposed "drugs" by stupid kids. Bcause of this the cops swarm by the dozens when even the smallest thing happens. Most of the residents tend to bathe in money, sleep in money and feed themselves money. Every kid has an iPhone and by highschool, they've probably already owned 2 cars. Parties get raided within 2 minutes which causes all the cool kids cry because there's nothing else to do in this city, anyway. Everyone's mother has undergone plastic surgery atleast once. The guys are very metrosexual, the girls are bitches. No one speaks english, no one uses turn signals. Doral is the worst excuse for a city. Ever.
THIS might seem bad, but atleast we're not in Doral.
by Ellie Higginbottom December 9, 2010
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Fuckin Shitty-ass cigarettes
I'd rather smoke cock than a fuckin Doral, and I'm man who is straight as fuck.
by Nick Mihi. April 25, 2006
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city in south florida where most of miami preps live. this is 45% colombian 45% venezuelan n the rest r fcrom other places. this city is not very known by people but when you say you live in doral to a person who doesnt live there, they would tell u "ugh that shit" but it isnt really that, doral owns one of the best schools in florida : ronald reagan high school which has gotten higher scores in the FCAT than many private schools...Most chogas hate this city cuz they say is full of showw offs but that isnt true.
Guy 1:" hey were do u live"
Gay 2:" Doral.."
Guy 1:" WTF is that?"
Guy 2:" one of the best places to live in south floriad"
by Doral4Ever February 5, 2009
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When you are depressed af but still give oral at the same time
Jack: Yo Tyler, Kadence gave me head last night!
Tyler: Damn man, isn’t she depressed though?
Jack: ik, I’ pretty sure it’s called doral
by SpicyO 69 February 4, 2018
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also called drug-al, it's basically where all of the pot heads in miami live. where they like to go clubbing, blazing, tripping balls, doing it, and thinking that they're all that. very few people are exempt from these stereotypes in doral, but they do exist.
dude, do not go to doral. please.
by nickthe5th December 15, 2010
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Beautiful and will not be able to resist this woman if you are lucky enough to encounter her. She is smart, sexy, cute, playful, feisty, caring, and knows how make you feel like a man. If you do encounter this rare breed, approach with caution because it will only take one look to become addicted!
The girl I met was "Doral" quality!
by tammytor July 23, 2011
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Doral Academy Red Rock is a school located in the middle of fucking nowhere in the desert. The elementary school is perfectly fine but the “upper school” is nothing but horse shit. They only call it upper school cause they have no right to call it a middle school or high school because students don’t get the true experience they once saw in the movies. The teachers don’t give a shit at all and make you do springboard all day. At lunch you can only sit with 5 other people and can’t even use your phone. Each grade level 6-12 only has around 100 kids and it is broken down like this: 20 normal/cool kids, 20 special ed kids, 20 kids who actually give a shit about their grade (even though the teachers give no homework), 20 weeaboos/furries and around 20 kids who don’t talk and nobody likes them but they are only at doral cause their parents made them. To be honest parents saw the words “charter” and they thought it was a good school so they applied. The sports teams are decent but the coaches pick favorite players to play the whole game but the roster has over 40 kids cause it lowers everyone’s self esteem if they don’t make it on the doral team. The campus is good looking but the halls are so thin that no one can get to class in the two minutes they get because all the fatass kids take up the hallway and doral try’s to look like a school that they are obviously not. Overall this school sucks ass and every student wants to transfer out of it on their third month.
Doral Academy Red Rock student: I hate this school
Doral Academy Red Rock student 2: Same
*Both get citations*
by Lick.My.Ass.You.Faggot November 12, 2018
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