Whatever the hell you want it to mean.
Josh: Hey Drew do you want to have sex.
Drew: Dooo!

by josh meador February 17, 2008
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A YouTuber that plays a variety of video games but Is most recognised for playing the guitar in his videos.
“Did you see The Dooo ‘s new video last night?”

“Yeah it was so funny
by l..l January 21, 2019
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A babies’ way of saying anything, this word (in Babie dictionary ) could also mean gahfffg, spliik, or kigchoo.
Mother: want leftover dog food?
Babie: dooo!
by Lord Zorlax November 7, 2019
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Usually rolled by the elite of potheads. Using a Cigarillo never purchased for the enjoyment of a cigar. The cigarillo or BLUNT is then broken down lengthwise and filled with Whacky Tobacky

more than 2.0g's worth then end product is now the size of a baby horse dick. using a lighter it is smoked and user coughs so hard he shits himself.
Teeray: hey yo dog you got that mhmmmmm

chilly willy:Word let me grab that shit out my buttcheeks

Teeray:Damn THAT shit smells so dank i gotta roll a whooo dooo
by BumBumMAN January 9, 2011
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The preemptive warning before simultaneously ejaculating and planking on top of a significant other
Whoopsie dooo here comes the gewww!”
by BeaucoupStew July 16, 2021
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what you say when someone does something which 1) you dont want them to do, 2) they're being a faggot, 3) they are sinking your bevans, 4) they are tuning your girlfriend, and pretty much in any occasion and it would be considered "a good call" by lads around.
dude picks up your sandwhich and throws it ont he ground.
"truu you dooo do that"

or a different version, someone tries to make a good call such as a mum joke, your frined says a mum joke to your mum,
"hey mrs bob, your a slut whore cause your bob's mum, haahah"
bob: "truu you doooo say that.."
by J_amessss November 5, 2006
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A nickname for nikole or nika and sometimes used for a toy poodle or hamster.
by Bsnnsnsjs August 12, 2019
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