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A Doomba is an amalgamation of the Roomba; a series of autonomous cleaning devices made by the company iRobot and various weapons such as knives, chainsaws and fireams which are strapped or somehow attached to the machine. The word "Doomba" comes from the merging of the words "Doom" and the previously mentioned "Roomba". This has recently become popular on various Internet sharing sites.
"Hey Johnny, I strapped some knives to your mom's Roomba, let's watch it go around the room."
"Yeah, now it's a DOOMBA"
by samwaffleman August 12, 2012
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A Doomba is a death dealing floor cleaning robot. A Roomba (the popular floor cleaning robot) is outfitted with various dangerous items taped to it such as knives, cats, saw blades and blow guns.
"Dude what the fuck is that thing on your floor! It almost shanked me on my way in." "Oh dude, that's just my Doomba, it's a floor cleaning/home security robot, I'm going to enter him in Battle Bots next week"

The Doomba is excellent with getting away with its crimes as it cleans up after.
by The Lord of the Dance August 12, 2012
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(N.) A state that is far worse than standard doom. If you are having an experience revolving around doomba, then it is your extreme displeasure to be experiencing it.
Person 1: Why are you on the ground holding your crotch?

Person 2: Some asshole just kicked me in the nuts.

Person 1: Wow, that must be a doomba experience.
by Jaximo October 18, 2010
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