When a man waits until everyone is asleep, secretly masturbates, and ejaculates over the face of an unsuspecting victim. The facial is then left to dry, and by morning the load results in a mask resembling the face of a robot in the cult classic movie, 'iRobot'.
Dude 1: ''Dude, I totally gave that chick an iRobot last night!''
Dude 2: ''Woahh, that's totally sweet dude!''
by King Papi October 13, 2020
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When a man ejaculates over a partners face and leaves the semen to set, thus creating a ‘mask’ resembling the faces of the robots in the film, iRobot
Anna: My boyfriend totally gave me an iRobot last night, it was sweet !
by King Papi October 12, 2020
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A subclass of iShit. An overpriced robot with a crappy logo but no functionality.
Alpha: Dude, so I hear they're coming out with an iRobot.

Beta: I totally iWant that!

Alpha: Yeah, I also want a robot with no functionality that costs twenty times more than my car!
by iMicrosoft Tech Support December 4, 2008
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