In portuguese, it means "From the ass"
"Hey! Tira-me esta cena dooku (do cú)!"

"Hey! Get this thing outta my ass!"
by striker675 May 30, 2005
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"I just bought a bunch of 30mw green laser pointers from China for practically nothing!! I've discovered a way to construct cheap lightsabers that I'm going to sell on Ebay!! Dude... We're going to make Dooku bucks here. We're going to have Princess Leias all over this place... I promise."

"Bantha Fodder. Those lasers don't have IP filters. They'll blind any Padawan clouded enough to use them."
by kvoorhees November 05, 2008
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When your friend is dancing or hooking up with a girl and you sneakily put your finger or hand up her skirt to try to touch her ass or pussy.
"Last night I had no options in the club so I had to Dooku your girl!"
by James Fucking Bailey January 27, 2009
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The one who, under the influence of the evil Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious, got all of the big, feeling disenfrancised corporations together to create a droid army known as the Confederacy of Independant Systems (CIS). He was born on Sereno and died aboard General Grievous' battle cruiser by Anakin Skywalker in a scissor motion with lightsabers.
Dooku: "Master Kenobi, I'm disappointed in you. Yoda holds you in such high esteem."
The two of them: *striking and parrying one another's strikes*
Dooku: "Surely you can do better!"
London Symphony Orchestra: *plays dark music as Obi-Wan gets beat down*
by ARC Trooper June 01, 2005
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Money, the green, payola, cheddar, cheese.

Used a lot in Europe/The Netherlands by the black community.
As in "Hey Ho, where's my Dooku?" I want all my Dooku, not some, not half, but all my Muthafukin Dooku! *Slap!*
by v1nce November 27, 2003
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An infuriating tyranical woman with a hairy mole
Dooku advised I be more enthusiastic while doing all her work, so I enthusiastically bludgeoned her with my Lexmark printer
by APD June 18, 2004
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Example 1:
Me: i took a huge dookus today

Example 2:
Me: that bitch took a wicked dookus in my house and didn't flush. then she said she wasn't ready for a relationship because i wasn't mature enough for her.

Example 3:
Jeremy: I want to go back to my house because i have to take a dookus!
Max: dude it's no big deal, just take a dookus at my house!
Jeremy: well my dookus tends to stink a lot!
Max: So does your mom's goose knuckle
Jeremy: i'm gonna dookus on your face!
Max: Fine!
by Mr. Bananagan January 22, 2011
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