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pipskwēk Olde English.

n. A term of endearment for a lovable girl that you want to take care of until you are dead, despite all of her past curiosities and brazen relentlessness, as well as, any idiosyncrasy that she has ever had or may acquire.

Pipsqueek is for show the opposite of Pipsqueak.

Etymology: Pip + Squeak
"My darling Pipsqueek? Will you lock the door before you come to bed? We don't want any of those cheesehead twacked out faux nigga swerves to break in. I really wish they had some of that Obama magic."

"Jesus, well look at you... Can you point that high powered perception at yourself?? You're always such a racist and retarded Obamamaniacal harp. I think I even fucking feel fucking disenfranchised after hearing that. Why don't you go and shut the fucking door?"

"I will, Pipsqueek."
by KVoorhees August 29, 2008
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"A Lot" ...among Star Wars Fans.
"I just bought a bunch of 30mw green laser pointers from China for practically nothing!! I've discovered a way to construct cheap lightsabers that I'm going to sell on Ebay!! Dude... We're going to make Dooku bucks here. We're going to have Princess Leias all over this place... I promise."

"Bantha Fodder. Those lasers don't have IP filters. They'll blind any Padawan clouded enough to use them."
by kvoorhees November 05, 2008
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UPSIDE-DOWN Confederate Flag (n.)
\ˈəp-ˌsīd-ˈdau̇n kən-ˈfe-d(ə-)rət ˈflāg\

A flag that stands for peace and Black pride.
"Hey, you stupid racist mother-fucker. Take that fucking flag off your hick fucking cracker car."

"No, Nigger. This is an UPSIDE-DOWN Confederate Flag."

by kvoorhees May 01, 2010
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