Donovan is the person who you would say is depressed. He got dumped by his second grade girlfriend and now he like a girl who already has a boyfriend. He gets trolled by his friend about liking a girl named Billy but denies it. He currently does not have a heart and you would say "Man' this guy is really depressed" about him.

by JuiceMan30 June 27, 2018
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Donovan is sweet, funny, and attractive in so many ways, personality wise and physically. He is loyal to his friends and when he cares about something, he really does. He is so much fun to be around with his humor, kindness and just being Donovan. If you find a Donovan, he could end up stealing your heart, and if he loves you no matter what, he's definitely a keeper and love him with all your heart.
Donovan is so sweet and funny!
by Krazy Lovely Potato January 07, 2019
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The most powerful commanders of the east.
Most feared of any man in the entire universe.
Complete and utter badass.
I ran into a Donovan, it scared the shit out of me.
Did you see that man destroy nine people at once, it must be a Donovan.
by corperal krunk November 27, 2009
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An extremely tall, attractive male. He is the one to talk to when you are down. A Donovan can be helpful, even though he might not know what he is saying. He loves with all his heart, and hates it when people get out of control. Donovan's are gentil and will only hold a girl that they truly love. Donovan's are most seen with blue eyes and always knows that they are beautifully, even though they might consider other wise. If you have a Donovan in our life, cherish them with all your heart. There are not that many in his world.
That Donovan will never leave you hanging
by Mrs.Baltierra November 12, 2018
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He has a huge dick and has A girlfriend and can defaet anybody like thanos cuz he has a really big dick
by dominatoer September 06, 2018
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Donovan is a cool, handsome, amazing, caring, and kind guy. If you ever meet one, keep him as a friend. He can be bossy and annoying sometimes.

He usually has 2 annoying friends and the others kind but barley talk. The 2 annyoing ones will pick on you if you like him, while the others just be themselves.

Usually: Tall, handsome, and has soft blonde hair. Two little brothers, both just (in personality ways) like him. One red hair, other blondy. Both sporty and has a nice and sweet side.

His mom and Dad are very nice. They treat you like you are their own. His mom is so sweet and caring and his dad is to but he's more on the working on the washing the car or working away kinda dad.

Crush wise: Hot, amazing, usually likes each other, pranks people on the bus (especially a family members) and always pays attention to his crush when she's singing(or at leasts looks back and fourth) Gets mad at his brothers when she's over. Tries to find your crush on a piece of paper on a wall in his house, he looks everywhere. Wants to have half of your brownie, tries to make you laugh.

Boyfriend wise: Amazing guy who treats you like your his life
I wish Donovan was my boyfriend
Donovan soooo handsome
by Boycrazy72 July 02, 2017
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The coolest thing ever to walk eart. likes to finger gurlz. He is sooo hottt!
That guy is so hot hees a Donovan!
by hot-gurl December 28, 2011
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