An extremely large penis. Having a penis the size of a donkey's.
Damn bro.....not that I was looking, but you got a donkey cock. or

I gave this whore my donkey cock the other night and she almost went into convulsions it was so huge.
by Baloon Knot Bill July 12, 2009
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1.when you are playing donkey kong for so long and the gorillaz start turnnning you on so you get a donkey cock.
2.when your a sauna with a hot chick and your cock gets all big and moist and you feel like a donkey wanting sex. mmm donkey sex, i was pounding on them nintendo keys, playin donkey kong lookin at the monkeys catchin da bananas and i got like, the biggest donkey cock ever. DUDE.
2.*Sweating in Sauna* *Hot chick walks by* *nice feeling in undertowel* *shit, dude my donkey cock is ON!*
by EliseAnja December 21, 2005
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when your penis is loose and you are cumming, you swing it into the girl's face
donkey cock swing is yummy
by ffdsfdsfdsfsdf October 23, 2019
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A Guy or Girl that has to has to have as many men as possible and cant commit to one man. The (cock) being the man and the (donkey) being the Guy or Girl that needs to carry the heavy load of all the men. Cock Donkeys ) meaning more then one
One can only wonder if being a cock donkey is a good thing.
by socalgoblin November 18, 2006
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1. Someone who is overall annoying/ exhibits chode like qualities

2. Can be used to describe a whore, the reference being that s/he is a packmule for cocks

3. An insult on Halo 2's X-Box Live service
1. God, Bill is such a cock donkey. He keeps singing that retarded song.

2. What a cock donkey, I mean, look at her. She was the 'life' of the party.

3. Quit team killing you fucking cock donkey!
by Jack Tcka June 18, 2006
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