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An extremely large penis. Having a penis the size of a donkey's.
Damn bro.....not that I was looking, but you got a donkey cock. or

I gave this whore my donkey cock the other night and she almost went into convulsions it was so huge.
by Baloon Knot Bill July 12, 2009
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VERY LARGE PENIS... were talking like durk diggler size..13+ inches
"comon little red riding hood, i got some donkeycock for you" said the wolf
by stephan September 03, 2003
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1.when you are playing donkey kong for so long and the gorillaz start turnnning you on so you get a donkey cock.
2.when your a sauna with a hot chick and your cock gets all big and moist and you feel like a donkey wanting sex. mmm donkey sex, i was pounding on them nintendo keys, playin donkey kong lookin at the monkeys catchin da bananas and i got like, the biggest donkey cock ever. DUDE.
2.*Sweating in Sauna* *Hot chick walks by* *nice feeling in undertowel* *shit, dude my donkey cock is ON!*
by EliseAnja December 21, 2005
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